Magic Mushrooms For Microdose

by Luis Tamani




Microdosing can ease you in

You may find microdosing to be an effective way to prepare for a larger dose, as you can practice setting intentions, entering the medicine’s energetic field, and processing emotions.

Microdosing is the practice of taking a sub-perceptual dose of psilocybin. Depending on the mushroom strain and strength and your sensitivity and behavioral patterns, each microdose may range from .05-.25 grams of dried material.

By microdosing, you can enjoy the mushroom’s healing benefits without having to set aside a whole day or two for a high-dose journey. Many people report being able to go about their everyday lives while microdosing.

For many, microdosing mushrooms results in:

  • heightened senses, creativity, mood, energy, and focus;
  • decreased anxiety, stress, and depression;
  • improved relationships;
  • softer, more gentle attitudes toward oneself and others;
  • increased spiritual awareness and feelings of interconnectedness.

You may follow a specific dosing schedule. The most common protocols are “Four days on, three days off” and “One day on, two days off.” On the on days, you take a microdose, and on the off days, you take time off to reflect on the changes you feel.

You may wish to be more flexible, “go with the flow,” and take a microdose whenever necessary or called. This attitude allows you to hone your intuition and listening skills.

You may combine other medicinal mushrooms and herbs with your microdose. One common “extra” ingredient is lion’s mane, a medicinal mushroom known to improve immune function and cognitive health. Some people also add niacin to their microdosing regimen.

Microdoses may be ground up into powder and taken in capsule form. Some people like to mix the microdose in a smoothie or other liquid. Still, others eat a small amount of raw or dried mushrooms by itself.

Some people may find that microdosing helps ease the withdrawal symptoms of various pharmaceutical agents.

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