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Namaste, We're Tripsitters

Supporting you at every step of your psychedelic journey.

A Psilocybin Community and Education Hub

Our Vision

A healthy and happy world where everyone has safe access to psychedelic medicines.

Our Mission

Creating a loving, supportive community of psychonauts and facilitators. Providing resources, education, and guidance for every step of the healing journey.

Our Core Values

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Love is the underlying intention for everything we do. We want all beings to be happy, peaceful, and free.

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We share the truth about psilocybin. We inspire everyone to have their own safe and healing journeys.

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We connect you to the vast mycelial network so you feel safe, confident, and supported. We're stronger together.

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Our Story

Before creating tripsitters, the two founders began offering magic truffles retreats in the Netherlands. After having experienced the transformative benefits of psilocybin, they were eager and determined to share the medicine with all beings who wished to dive into their hearts.

After a couple of months of connecting with other practitioners, seekers, and organizations in the psychedelic world, they realized the community was far more complex than they had imagined. It often felt fragmented and disconnected; some psychedelic leaders and guides knew little about each other.

The two felt like isolated beginners, lost and without guides or mentors. They didn’t know where they fit in. As they delved deeper into the psychedelics space, they realized systemic changes were necessary to help others avoid this pain. They envisioned a comprehensive and inclusive connection and education hub for the entire community of seekers and guides -- an externalized mycelial web that brings everyone together to improve communication and understanding.

Tripsitters belongs to humanity, the mushroom kingdom, and all of life. Our team works in symbiosis with the mushroom to be the Light, share healing, and create community. The fungi are the visionaries, and our team communes with them and follows their lead. Tripsitters is and always will be a work in progress; we are open to your feedback, criticism, and ideas. We are grateful and joyful to support and be part of the psychedelic revolution.

Find Joy in Giving

If we want to be happy, it's helpful to think of others and find ways to support their journeys.

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Here are ways you can be of service:

  • Sharing financial resources with our team
  • Spreading awareness about psilocybin and this site with friends, family, and colleagues
  • Sharing feedback and ideas on how we can improve the site
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provide financial support to sustain free & low-cost offerings for the community

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spread the word about psilocybin and this site with your networks

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give feedback and ideas on ways we can improve this site and our offerings

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offer your time and skills as a volunteer to help us in more tangible ways

Special thanks to Luis Tamani for giving Tripsitters the privilege to share his art and heart.
Learn more about Luis and his art here.

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