Fuente de Vida

by Luis Tamani



Foster Your Support Network

Practice being vulnerable with others

Social support networks have proven to be crucial in the outcome of a psychedelic experience. Cultivate strong relationships with trusted, open-minded friends, family, and therapeutic professionals with whom you can share your thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

When you feel supported, you are more likely to have a positive journey and to be able to integrate the lessons you’ve learned into your daily life.

If you need help understanding and integrating a journey, consider working with a psychedelic integration therapist or coach, or attending local psychedelic integration groups. Depending on the nature of your trip, you may find that engaging the support of professionals like psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, somatic therapists, energy practitioners, trauma practitioners, etc., may be beneficial. Here are a few directories you may find helpful:

being true to you
Tripsitters directory

In-person support networks are ideal, but there are also several supportive online psilocybin communities and forums like /r/shrooms and shroomery.

Although you may want to tell everyone about your experiences, be careful and selective with whom you decide to share. Unsupportive or judgemental people may downplay the significance of your journeys and insights or attribute meanings that are not yours. These interactions may dampen your spirits. Our journeys can reveal our faithful friends and those from whom we may want to distance ourselves.

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