by Luis Tamani



Journey Day Checklist

Have faith in yourself

A checklist to ensure you are fully prepared for your journey.

Journey Day Checklist

  • Verify dosage
  • Clean, declutter, and purify your space
  • Take a shower or bath, or take a plunge in a natural body of water
  • Prepare warm blankets, pillows, and cushions
  • Create a comfortable lounging area
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, or get naked
  • Pack underwear, socks, and extra layers (if you are leaving home)
  • Eat a small healthy meal or snack, or fast
  • Hydrate and have plenty of water available
  • Stretch or practice yoga, meditation, contemplation, or breathwork
  • Review, contemplate, and write down intentions
  • Have art and writing supplies available
  • Turn the phone off or on silent
  • Turn on music if desired
  • Have ginger tea or ginger/peppermint snack available to ease nausea
  • Prepare tissues, eyeshades, and a bucket (for spitting or purging)
  • Empty bowels

Finally, surrender and let go. It’s all good.

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