Renacer II

by Luis Tamani



You are Enough

Be kind to yourself

This guide is a reference point and a reminder of what you already know. As the Buddha (paraphrased by Thich Nhat Hanh) says: "A finger pointing at the moon is not the moon. The finger is needed to know where to look for the moon, but if you mistake the finger for the moon itself, you will never know the real moon." This guide points to you, your intuition, and the truth.

You Are Enough

You are it. The manifestation of infinity and eternity. Right now.

Although we've covered some of the most common integration practices, you may resonate with methods that we left out. We encourage you to listen to, follow, and strengthen your intuition as you explore various options and find what works best for you. Practice being kind and generous with yourself.

If your psychedelic experience has revealed trauma, you may want to connect with specialists, coaches, therapists, or other healers who can help you work through your issues. Everyone benefits from having a trusted person to talk to and lean on. It's essential to ask for and receive support when necessary.

Psychedelic Support, MAPS Integration List, and Being True to You, Tripsitters Directory may be helpful in your search.

Your psychedelic experience is one event in a continually unfolding and evolving process. Integrating and understanding who you are and what you want is a lifelong journey. We encourage you to navigate your integration process with an open mind and a willingness to learn, adapt, and let go of that which no longer serves you. You are enough and have everything it takes to be a happy, healthy human being.


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Next Steps

To find an integration specialist, retreat centers, or guides, explore the Tripsitters Directory.

To find out more about being a tripsitter or psychedelic guide, read this guide.

To connect with a facilitator, request a Consultation.

To learn more about the artwork you've seen, visit Luis Tamani.

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